[RFC] Tux3 for review

Pavel Machek pavel at ucw.cz
Fri Jun 13 03:32:16 PDT 2014


> > As I said, the glaring omission is proper ENOSPC handling, which is
> > work in progress. I do not view that as an obstacle to merging.
> >
> > After all, Btrfs did not have proper ENOSPC handling when it was
> > merged.
> Yup, and that was a big mistake. Hence not having working ENOSPC
> detection is a major strike against merging a new filesystem now.

Hmm, it seems that merging filesystems is getting harder over
time. Soon, it will be impossible to merge new filesystem.

> > The design is here:
> So come back when you've implemented it properly and proven that you
> have a sound design and clean implementation.

People submit code early to get feedback... but this is not exactly
helpful feedback, I'm afraid...

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