[Tux3] Current Activities?

Goran Mekić meka at ns-linux.org
Sun May 10 02:00:52 PDT 2009

> Anyway, now would be a good time to have a discussion here on the Tux3
list about what can be done to get more helping hands
> involved in the heavy lifting.
    If that happens, I would be more then happy to give it a try. I'm Unix
admin at local company (read: have a lot of free time and at least one
spare machine for testing) behind god damn proxy, so I can't pull
repository to my machine. As a matter of fact, I'm vice president of my
town's LUG, so we could test it there (different machines (SPARC U60 and
U10 beside x86 - don't know if SPARC is supported), in company I've got
only Dell Optiplex machines), so it would be interesting
testing it there. Maybe some of better C programers would give it a try,
write a patch, or something. LUG's access to Internet is not
trough proxy, so I have no excuse for not trying it 'till now. :o) Anyway,
I would be more than glad to help if there would be any http access to
kernel three with tux3 patches applied (write doc, for
example). Hope it will get to -mm soon. Anyway, I've got little time when
not in company (moving to new flat), but I'll give it a try as soon as
posible. It was about time I start learing kernel programming. :o) C ya!

PS. Sorry, Daniel, didn't realize I was replying to you only.

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