Daniel Phillips daniel at
Sun Mar 19 20:16:12 PDT 2017

Hi Raymond, is sufficient. is now hosted on (my server).

Yes, still alive, and busy. There is a code drop coming from Hirofumi in 
the near future, to sync up with current mainline. I am currently 
working on a new distributed lock manager, which hopefully will play a 
role in Tux3's future evolution.

Pretty soon, I will return to work on Shardmap, Tux3's directory index, 
which I expect to scale considerably better than HTree, as well as being 
suitable for distribution across a cluster. Hmm, did I say the "cluster" 



On 03/19/2017 07:56 PM, Raymond Jennings wrote:
> Hey tux3 still alive and kicking?
> Also, I sent this to tux3 at both <> and 
> <>, are they both official mailing addresses?
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