Blurt code in Github

Daniel Phillips daniel at
Wed May 13 06:10:07 PDT 2015

On 05/12/2015 09:03 PM, Elifarley Callado Coelho Cruz wrote:
> Hi Daniel,
> I've copied your Blurt code and posted it at*tux3fs*/blurt

Cool, It's really useful. One of the nice things about it is being
small enough to include in a post, but if it grows bigger then
pointing to the code on github works fine.

I use a few load generators, and I will probably make more use of
fio as time goes by, but I really like the precision that the
littlle purpose-built utility gives me.

> Also notice that I've created an organization in Github named *tux3fs *(as tux3 was already taken,
> and tux3fs sounds good to me)


* *to make it easier for people to discover tux3's source code, so
> maybe you and Hirofumi would like to use that as the main entry point for the publicly-facing code.
> Please send me your github user name so that I can add you as an administrator, if you decide to use it.

I guess I need a github name now :)

There is also a git repository. I am not sure what our
work flow is going to be after merge, it might make sense to use
the one, or maybe it would be just more convenient to use
github. For now, Hirofumi's repository is our work flow, however we
need to point out to people that hirofumi and hirofumi-user branches
are subject to reset from time to time, meaning that you can't just
pull from them. The idea is, you can pull from master and user, and
we take a lot of care to be sure that history won't change after
merging to master. The downside of that is, master doesn't get
updated often.

I am not sure that is an issue right now. We have been referring a
number of people to Hirofumi's working repository, but that will
cause problems sooner or later.

For my own work flow, I just send git patches to Hirofumi, which
suits me fine. He does QA on them including putting them through
buildbot to see if they survive torture tests. This can take quite
some time if he gets busy with heavy coding, as now.



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