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Raymond Jennings shentino at
Fri Mar 22 14:03:27 PDT 2013

My main reason for wanting mainlining is so that I can more easily
make use of it without playing FUSE games.

I have a lot of confidence in tux3 given what I've seen of its design
goals, and I would very much like for the newest high falutin next gen
filesystem, btrfs, to get a run for its money with a little bit of

I think rivalry will spur both systems on to future greatness.

Also, being in production use will do a combination of two things:

1, inspire the developers with the confidence of being sturdy enough
to be used in the wild
2, exercise the daylights out of the code and increase our testing base.

I'm not really a dev yet since I have little to no kernel experience
but I am a very rabid fanboy and would quite like to see tux3 in the
wild.  I think either ubuntu or fedora already made btrfs the default
for installation.

On Fri, Mar 22, 2013 at 7:47 AM, Lars Segerlund
<lars.segerlund at> wrote:
>  Quick question, what requirements do we have for mainlining ?
>  Perhaps a rough tasklist or goal would be nice to have, I can think
> this as a way to motivate developers, much more than being mainline
> itself.
>  / regards, Lars Segerlund.
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