kernel merge

Daniel Phillips daniel.raymond.phillips at
Fri Mar 22 01:06:05 PDT 2013

On Tue, Mar 19, 2013 at 1:52 AM, Raymond Jennings <shentino at> wrote:
> What I've heard so far about tux3 is very promising.
> When can consideration be given to merging it into the mainline linux kernel?
> For starters it's a great way to increase the testing base, and I'm
> actually confident enough in it to start using it on my desktop.

Hi Raymond,

At this point only a developer should use Tux3, and only on a test
machine or virtualized kernel, not on their desktop. That said, we are
generally in favour of merging and we agree that this will help
testing. But development is our bottleneck right now, and until
recently, there was at least one major design element unresolved
(directory index). Whether merging speeds this work up is an open
question. Up till now, being out of tree just not been a major
logistical problem. The hope is that by merging, we will end up with
another developer or two on the team. Will it happen? We can be easily
convinced. Somebody just needs to stand up and say: "yeah, I can hack
that code. If and only if it shows up in Linus's tree."



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