Tux3 Report: Meet Shardmap, the designated successor of HTree

Christian Stroetmann stroetmann at ontolinux.com
Thu Jun 20 12:11:02 PDT 2013

Hello Mr. Daniel Philips,

I'm sorry to say so, but your are really a funny person.

At first you came up with a file system that can handle a great 
many/billions files and has ACID feature, which are both features of my 
Ontologic File System (OntoFS; see [1]). Both were said to be a no-go at 
that time (around 2007 and 2008).
Then you came up, with my concept of a log-structured hashing based file 
system [2] and [3], presented it as your invention yesterday [4], and 
even integrated it with your Tux3 file system that already has or should 
have the said features of my OntoFS. I only waited for this step by 
somebody strongly connected with the company Samsung since the October 
2012. AIso, I do think that both steps are very clear signs that shows 
what is going on behind the curtain.
And now your are so bold and please me that I should credit these ideas 
in the sense of crediting your ideas. For sure, I always do claim for 
copyright of my ideas, and the true question is if you are allowed to 
implement them at all. In this conjunction, I would give the other 
mailing list members the information as well, that I do not need 
something technical from you at all, that has to be credited. I only 
meant it as part of a broad hint and for lowering the noise on the 
mailing list.
Besides this, your permanent marketing by using speech acts from my 
websites is annoying, as it is the case with playing here the unknown 
now. Furthermore, you already were given the count with your last 
screwed test and you have nothing better to do than to come up with my 
log-structured hashing based file system and again a marketing story. I 
really have to ask the question: Who do you want to kid? Who do you want 
to provoke? Who do you want to mislead?

Also, I truely thought that the broad hints given some weeks ago and 
yesterday again would be clear enough, and I still think so respectively 
that you really got the issue. But if as a matter of fact this might be 
not the case, I simply say it directly without any decorating flowers:
1. Stop copying my intellectual properties related with file systems and 
implementing them. You always came several months too late and I am not 
interested to let it become a running gag, definitely.
2. Stop marketing my ideas, especially in a way that confuses the public 
about the true origin even further. I am already marketing them on my own.
3. Give credits to my intellectual properties in any case, even if you 
make a derivation, and take care about the correct licensing.

[1] OntoFS (www.ontolinux.com/technology/ontofs.htm)
[2] SASOS4Fun (www.ontonics.com/innovation/pipeline.htm#sasos4fun) Do 
not confuse SIP with SipHash, but put SipHash in relation with "the size 
of [a] hash table [is determined] by sampling the input", as we 
understood the description.
[3] Ontonics, OntoLab, and OntoLinux Further steps 
[4] Meet Shardmap, the designated successor of HTree 

Btw. 1: Firstly, Daniel Philips had no CC list at all with his initial 
e-mail. Secondly, the issue with the CC list on my side was a mistake on 
the one hand (forgot to push the CC button) and a part of the last broad 
hint on the other hand.

Btw. 2: Are you Google and now Samsung or both?

Christian Stroetmann

> Hi Christian,
> You are welcome, and I hope that your project can make good use of this
> technology. Please do credit your sources if you use these ideas, and
> please keep the CC list intact in further replies.
> What is the scale of your application, that is, how many index entries
> do you expect?
> Regards,
> Daniel

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