Current Activities?

Jonathan Corbet corbet at
Mon May 4 11:14:08 PDT 2009

On Thu, 30 Apr 2009 20:49:26 -0700
Daniel Phillips <phillips at> wrote:

> I will say this now: if we are invited to merge in the
> next major release, or in -mm or whatever, we will happily do it.
> If we are not invited to merge, nobody has any cause to complain
> about progress slowing down.

There are very few kernel development projects which receive
hand-delivered, nicely engraved invitations to merge.  Code gets into
the kernel because people care enough to push it there.  Waiting for an
invitation will likely doom your project to eternal obscurity.  

My suggestion: make a presentable patch set and actively propose it now;
if nobody screams loud, get Stephen Rothwell to pull a tree into
linux-next. Then, with luck, the magic of the community will help the
project to continue to grow.

You could also ask Greg KH to pull it into -staging, as was done with
Pohmelfs.  I'm not at all convinced that's the right approach, though.


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