[Tux3] Q: inode numbering, and placement on-disk

Philipp Marek philipp.marek at emerion.com
Wed Feb 25 00:13:27 PST 2009

Hello everybody,

I'm not sure about a small point in the Tux3 design; please excuse me if 
that's written somewhere I just didn't look.

There are some hacks to sort the directory contents by inode number before 
doing the stat() calls on the names; it's been proposed in kernel, done via 
LD_PRELOAD, and explicitly coded in some applications.

  [ I'm interested in that because my pet project (fsvs.tigris.org) uses
    a per-inode-number globally-sorted list of entries of whole directory
    hierarchies, which makes querying them faster than "find" on cold
    caches. ]

Now, if I understand Tux3 design correctly, it's no longer the case that the 
inode numbers have any meaning regarding the on-disk location (because of 
snapshots, versioning, and other strategies), so this hack (or "feature", if 
you like) wouldn't work anymore, would it?

Thank you for your patience and all answers.



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