[Tux3] new blockdirty() for userspace

OGAWA Hirofumi hirofumi at mail.parknet.co.jp
Wed Feb 11 19:51:00 PST 2009


This is new blockdirty() strategy for userspace.

To make stable buffer for backend, this forks buffers instead of only
data.  With this, backend will become simpler. Because the backend
doesn't need to care about block-fork, when it is flushing buffers.

To do it, this return forked buffer.  [The error check is FIXME for
now, it will be fixed with kernel change. Because blockdirty() for
kernel, it will return -EAGAIN as special case.]

Userspace is simple, so more explanation will be done with kernel


Please review, and please pull if it's ok.
OGAWA Hirofumi <hirofumi at mail.parknet.co.jp>

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