[Tux3] Current Activities?

t3right.thebashar at xoxy.net t3right.thebashar at xoxy.net
Wed Apr 29 19:01:59 PDT 2009

Hi Daniel,

I want to apologize upfront if I sound like one of those "when will it
be done" questions that are best left unasked with most open source
projects.  Actually, I'm just really curious about what's been going
on lately.  I am somewhat embarrassed to admit that I became
fascinated with tux3's development since the first time it was
featured in an article on kerneltrap.  I've greatly enjoyed reading
your design notes and dialog with the btrfs team.  I had no naive
hopes that tux3 would get integrated into the linux kernel
immediately, but I've been extremely surprised at the loss of public
progress notes from you after the initial review request back and
forth died off.  In fact it seems like there's only been 7 postings
from you in the month since the last kernel merge related thread.

I've really missed the public view into tux3's progress.  If it's not
too presumptuous, how are you? How's tux3 coming along?  What part of
the kernel port is taking the bulk of the work?  What new and
interesting challenges have you been wrestling with?


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