[Tux3] Data Deduplication in Userspace : http://www.lessfs.com

Mark Ruijter mruijter at gmail.com
Sun Apr 5 06:19:16 PDT 2009


I saw your post on Tux3,
It might be nice to know that a high performance GPL data dedup
filesystem already exists. It offers good performance and compression
See : http://www.lessfs.com or http://sourceforge.net/projects/lessfs/
for more information.


> Hi,
> The prototype for data deduplication for tux3 in userspace is finally complete. The implementation closely follows the design
> doc posted on the mailing list earlier. It has been developed with the 25th Jan 2009 snapshot as the base. The complete Tux3 
> code with data deduplication in userspace can be downloaded/ cloned from http://bitbucket.org/kushal/tux3_dedup/ . 
> The code uses the openssl SHA1 implementation and requires openssl libs to be installed.
> The dleaf part of the tux3graph output after copying the same file twice with and without deduplication are also attached along with the patch. 
> Keeping in mind archival storage as the main application of deduplication edits and deletes have not been implemented yet. 

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