[Tux3] user space version

Oliver Oli oliver.oli+0815 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 27 05:26:43 PST 2008

Now you are moving to kernel space, will the Fuse version soon be
obsolete or are you going to maintain both? This would enable ports
for OS X, FreeBSD and Windows in the future. I find it really
frustrating that there is no cross-platform file system besides FAT32
and NTFS. I know this is not the main goal, but maybe it could be a
nice side effect... :-)

Daniel, I appreciate your well written summaries of the development
process. I have not much clue about file systems (and I only
accidentally stumbled upon Tux3 on the DragonflyBSD list), but it's
always fun to read mailing lists were people care about communication
and try to express their ideas in a comprehensible way.


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