[Tux3] Tux3 report: A Golden Copy

Martin Steigerwald martin.steigerwald at googlemail.com
Wed Dec 31 02:09:11 PST 2008

Am Mittwoch 31 Dezember 2008 schrieb Justin P. Mattock:
> Daniel Phillips wrote:
> > On Tuesday 30 December 2008 23:34, sniper wrote:
> >> Great, I have mounted tux3 filesystem under UML with stuffs in this
> >> mail, but I still can't debug it with gdb. Anyone gives me
> >> suggestion?
> >
> > You just have to give a "cont" command a bunch of times and you will
> > eventually get to a command prompt.  The reason for this is, uml uses
> > the segfault interrupt as part of its machine simulation, and there
> > is no exsiting way for uml and gdb to communicate in such a way that
> > uml can recognize that the interrupt came from its own code and
> > filter it.


> Hmm.. seems like a redundancy;
> Anyways I looked at you're site, but am still
> confused at what tux3 is: what is tux3?
> (at first I thought it was  a  video game, but was wrong);
> can I use tux3 to secure a linux system or is it for
> something else?

Hmmm, I thought

Tux3 is a write-anywhere, atomic commit, btree-based versioning 
filesystem. It is the spiritual and moral successor of Tux2, the most 
famous filesystem that was never released. The main purpose of Tux3 is to 
embody Daniel Phillips's new ideas on storage data versioning. The 
secondary goal is to provide a more efficient snapshotting and 
replication method for the Zumastor NAS project, and a tertiary goal is 
to be better than ZFS.

was pretty clear. What are you missing?

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