[Tux3] dump feature / Documentation (was: Re: Design note: Offline filesystem check)

Martin Steigerwald Martin at lichtvoll.de
Sun Dec 14 10:53:39 PST 2008

Hi Daniel,

Am Freitag 12 Dezember 2008 schrieb Daniel Phillips:
> Using the "advance" style of coding, it is easy to write the tree
> walker non-recursively, a big help to robustness and clarity.  There
> will be two nested advance loops, one for the inode table and one for
> data btrees.  We do not attempt to check the internal structure of
> metadata files in this pass, because first we want to know that the
> files are structurally sound.
> We already have the idea of "leaf check" methods specific to different
> types of btrees.  We can use this to make our tree walk serve dual
> purpose, as either a checker or dumper, by optionally calling
> the "show" method for an index leaf.

So this could be used to implement something like xfs_dump of dump for 

Thanks for your verbose explainations. I do not understand everything, but 
I like reading about it. I already thought whether I can help with 
documentation by collecting bits and pieces together, structure them in a 
good way, maybe rewrite or adapt them at places and check them in as 
documentation. But I can't promise whether I understand everything of 
what I read. And its difficult for me to take enough time to the job. 
Maybe if it could be done in a step by step manner.

But what would be needed for documentation anyway at the moment?

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