[Tux3] [PATCH]tux3_mkdir

OGAWA Hirofumi hirofumi at mail.parknet.co.jp
Sat Dec 6 15:38:17 PST 2008

Daniel Phillips <phillips at phunq.net> writes:

>> +static int tux3_mkdir(struct inode* dir, struct dentry * dentry, int mode)
> As a  "lindent" convention, * when used as a reference operator has a
> space before and not after, so: inode *dir.

FWIW, recently, linux has script to check it.

	linux/scripts/checkpatch.pl /path/to/your/foo.patch
	linux/scripts/checkpatch.pl --file /path/to/your/foo.c
OGAWA Hirofumi <hirofumi at mail.parknet.co.jp>

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