[Tux3] Deferred delete prototype for Ext2

Daniel Phillips phillips at phunq.net
Tue Dec 2 23:34:34 PST 2008

On Tuesday 02 December 2008 21:14, Benjamin K. Stuhl wrote:
> Hi Daniel,
>   While I'm certainly not qualified to comment on the _content_ of the patch, I 
> have been watching Linux filesystem flamewars for a while... I _strongly_ 
> suggest that you write to linux-fsdevel at vger about these VFS changes, and 
> sooner rather than later. (It probably would be a good idea to directly CC at 
> least Al Viro and Christoph Hellwig; Ted Ts'o, Christoph Lameter, Linus, and 
> Andrew Morton are also good candidates.) Tux3 looks very promising, and I 
> would hate to see it get tied up in avoidable VFS battles when it's otherwise 
> ready for merging.

It is planned that Tux3 will not depend on any core kernel changes.
There will be a patch for deferred namespace operations, and if the
patch is not applied, then Tux3 will use the alternative mechanism
we have discussed, which will be less efficient but functional.  So
there is no need for any flamewar: we work with or without the patch.

So I would prefer that the concept be functional, without any really
stupid oversights such as the one Hirofumi just pointed out to me,
before placing the idea within flaming distance of the usual suspects.



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