[Tux3] mkfs.tux3: wiping other fs signatures

Szabolcs Szakacsits szaka at ntfs-3g.org
Fri Dec 12 06:28:31 PST 2008


If it's not done yet then please wipe the beginning and end of the device 
when creating tux3 as the other mkfs utilities do. Not doing so can result 
nasty random mount failures or data corruptions when overwritten FOO file 
system mounted or tried to be mounted as FOO, or a valid tux3 mounted or 
tried to be mounted as FOO after fs type autodetection which is fairly 

We just had a NTFS corruption report when a user accidentially overwrote 
his NTFS. Thankfully we found the tux3 signature, tux3 mounted fine then 
the user also confirmed he was testing tux3 and formatted the wrong 


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